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VetzPetz® Benefits

What is VetzPetz Antinol?

VetzPetz Antinol is a naturally occurring blend of Six marine lipid groups including , Omega 3, ETA , EPA , DHA , DPA OTA and others essential fatty acids with excellent anti-inflammatory properties and no side effects. The benefits:

  • 110% Naturally Occurring Anti Inflammatory
  • No Side Effects
  • Takes Effect Quickly
  • Does Not React with Other Medications
  • Not Allergically Reactive



VetzPetz For Health

VetzPetz Antinol is a natural substance proven through scientific testing and published studies to be effective in helping to reduce inflammation in your dog’s body. Vets recommend it as a safe and effective way to improve the life quality of dogs that suffer from inflammation.

Where is VetzPetz From?

VetzPetz Antinol is a special Trademarked ingredient known as PCSO-524 scientifically developed with patented processes. The Antinol itself is a uniquely extracted ingredient using a patented process from the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. The process by which the Antinol is extracted is patented, but the resulting suppiment is well known, well tested and very effective.

The Antinol that comes from Green Lipped Mussels is well known and common on the shelves today. With so many competing products, what sets VetzPetz Antinol apart? The answer is a unique blend of over thirty essential fatty acids, ten marine sterols and six lipid classes. This blend cannot be found anywhere else.

Imitations abound, so scientists and vets do well to watch out for them. VetzPetz Antinol has been tested independently of other supplements derived from Green Lipped Mussels. PCSO-524 is a unique ingredient, and it has been proven repeatedly to reduce and inhibit inflammation in the bodies of dogs. Other Mussel-derived ingredients fall short of the mark, which is why PCSO-524 is an essential part of VetzPetz Antinol.

A daily dose of VetzPetz Antinol is the perfect supplement to help keep your dog healthy and happy for a long and active life.


Reasons to Pick VetzPetz Antinol

-As a safe, natural anti-inflammatory, it relieves joint pain conditions.
-It helps reduce all kinds of inflammation, both chronic and acute.
-It helps reduce inflammation from allergies and skin irritations, encouraging excellent health.
-As an essential fatty acid, it promotes health and leaves your dog’s coat shining and luxurious.
-The patented extraction process incorporates strict quality control so you are guaranteed a high quality product with no worries about safety , manufactured under GMP quality assured conditions.
-It has no negative side effects, reactions with other medicines or associated allergies.

Most canine diets these days have a significant imbalance in fatty acids. In fact, studies have shown that the standard diet contains as much as eleven times more Omega 6s than Omega 3s. This imbalance may be a leading cause of the increasing occurrence of inflammation and related disorders in dogs. VetzPetz Antinol has a high concentration of Omega 3s and other essential fatty acids, helping to balance these levels and correct related disorders.

What about your standard dog food? Isn’t it packed with all the essential nutrients?

Unfortunately, most pet foods are packed with terrible ingredients. Even the brands marketed as all natural or premium in some way often contain meat byproducts that no human would be able to consume. If it were not fit for a human, why would a dog digest it without issue?

So what about ‘all natural and organic’ foods?

Don’t let the labels fool you. While Organic foods are much better than foods packed with synthetic ingredients, they still lack the right levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that your dog needs to thrive. That’s why VetzPetz Antinol is a necessary supplement to your dog’s diet.

Is VetzPetz Antinol appropriate for my new puppy?

Of course it is! You don’t need to wait until your dog is suffering to give them medicine. Being proactive and fixing the problem before it becomes a problem is a great plan. Starting your puppy on a healthy diet, regular exercise and solid nutrition is ideal. You can use VetzPetz Antinol early to ensure your puppy has a long life in excellent health.

I give my dog regular treatments of Glucosamine. Is VetzPetz Antinolthe same thing ?

Glucosamine is a treatment that helps coat your dog’s joints to make motion easier and will only work for a very short period of time . However, it does not solve the problem that causes joint pain to begin with – which is inflammation.

VetzPetz Antinol helps treat this inflammation, as well as a range of other health benefits. Your dog will experience better cardiovascular and respiratory function, as well as healthier skin and a nicer coat.

So – no, VetzPetz Antinol is not the same thing and can help your dog even if you already give them Glucosamine.

How long will it take VetzPetz to start working?

For some dogs, improvement is nearly immediate, with effects showing within days. However, to get the most out of your VetzPetz treatments, continue using it for at least four to six weeks. Trust your own eyes, your dog will be happier for it.

If your dog has inflammation issues, use twice the standard dose for the first two weeks for the best results.